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We offer a wide variety of services for all of your equine reproductive needs.
Overview of ​Stallion Services 
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Breeding soundness evaluations
AV and phantom training
Behavioral problems
Semen shipping

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Broodmare Services Overview 
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Pregnant mare care
  • Pre-parturition monitoring
  • Foaling out
  • Complication/emergency management
Preparation for breeding
  • Reproductive soundness examinations
  • Problem mare diagnostics and therapy
  • Artificial/supplemental lighting program
Breeding options
  • Artificial insemination with cooled or frozen semen
  • Embryo transfer program

Post-foaling monitoring and assistance
Routine neonatal examinations
Colostrum sufficiency testing
Foal IgG testing
Fluid therapy
​Halter breaking

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Colostrum Bank
Topline Equine has a "bank" of equine colostrum available at no charge. This bank is only available because of generous clients who collect and freeze colostrum to donate to our program. We do ask that those who receive this free colostrum, donate colostrum to the bank in the future.

Please note that foals must drink colostrum and absorb its immunoglobulins within the first 24 hours of life! Colostrum is best absorbed during the first eight hours of life. 

For more information about colostrum, click here.
All fees for breeding(s) are due when mare(s) are dropped off. 
All other expenses, such as board, are due when mare(s) are picked up!

Equine Reproduction Services
2020 Fee Schedule
*Fees are subject to change based on fluctuations in costs of hay, feed, and propane in 2019-2020