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We offer a wide variety of services for all of your
equine reproductive needs......
Stallion Managment
Behavioral Problems
AV and Phantom Training
Breeding soundness Evaluations
Shipping Semen
Mare Care
Reproductive Soundness Examinations
Problem Mare Diagnostics and Therapy
AI with Shipped and Frozen Semen
Artificial Lighting Program
Foaling out Mare
Routine Neonatal Examinations
Foal IGG Testing
Mare Colostrum Sufficiency Testing
Fluid Therapy
Post-Foaling Monitoring and Assistance
Colostrum Bank
Topline Equine Veterinary Care has a colostrum bank of equine colostrum that is available for the first 24 hours of a foal's life, if a foal did not consume an adequate amount of colostrum or the mares has poor quality, could not provide or passed awayThis program is successful and made available to our clients who generously collect colostrum and freeze it. Currently there is no charge for the colostrum but we do ask that you replace it at some point in time with another colostrum donation
All Breeding's must be paid for when dropping off the mare. All other expenses such as board are due at the time of pick up!